Maggie Rose Macar

After coping with the death of a close friend to suicide, Maggie Rose had a shift in studies to psychology and began sculpting her passion for suicide prevention in the form of mental health awareness and education.This led her to found Reborn Mental Health, a 501(c)(3) Non-ProfitOrganization that launched and developed community and school-based programs along with awareness campaigns. She pursued several certifications and trainings including:

●Peer Counseling

●Crisis intervention

●School mental health (high school level), corporate mental health, camp mental health, and Athletic mental health certifications through L.E.A.D.

●Mental Health FirstAid

Through the changes in societal norms, and the increased need for low-cost, easily accessible mental health services, Maggie Rose began working with lead developers to create an app in the midst of a global pandemic that offers access to over 25 different specialty services to users across the nation. InAddition to beginning this endeavor, she continued her studies through a certificate withWharton Business School in entrepreneurship. She remains determined to impact the lives of those struggling and inspire the lives of those in need.Through this venture, the zant. was born

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