comedian and simplicity coach Delanie Fischer talks about her goals for 2021

tlk magazine, previously Renewed Awareness Magazine, recently had the opportunity to catch up with Delanie Fischer, a nationally-recognized comedian and simplicity coach. She chatted with us about how she is feeling about life in general, gave us some advice, described her mindset for 2021, and shared some new developments.

As a simplicity coach, Fischer stressed that believing in yourself is one of the most important steps in being successful, "... you must acknowledge your own intelligence and abilities," she emphasized. 2020 has been a learning experience as she wishes she had, “slowed down,” because keeping busy in quarantine led to a burn out. This is why one of her goals for 2021 is to only keep herself occupied with her health, clients, family, and friends. All of us at RMH wish her the best in all of her endeavors and we thank her for sharing her wisdom.  Don’t forget to tune into her new podcast “E-ficionado” which launched this past October! Here is a peek into our recent dialogue:

Have you changed any quarantine habits since we last spoke with you?

I’ve been doing a lot more painting and have added some morning meditation to my routine because I had a pretty rough bout of anxiety for a while and those have helped a lot.

How has it been “saying yes” through 2020?

This year I’ve actually said no to most things. I say no to 95% of things in order to protect my time and energy. This enables me to be available for the priorities in my life - wellness, family and friends, and my business.

"I say no to 95% of things in order to protect my time and energy. This enables me to be available for the priorities in my life..."

What new/positive traits have you acquired through quarantine?

I have strengthened the ability to trust myself and am gaining more confidence in relying on self-trust as I move forward. My gut, my intuition — always tells me what is best for me and I’m no longer ignoring it like I used to.

As a simplicity coach in 2020, what has been the biggest obstacle for your clients?

A theme with my clients is that in some way, at some point, they don’t feel good enough. We work together so they’re able to truly acknowledge their brilliance and the fact that they already have the skills they need in order to succeed in their venture. Fear of criticism, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt are what all of us are usually trying to overcome (including me!).

What is one thing you wish you could have done differently in 2020?

Slowed down. Especially at the start of the pandemic. Instead, I made myself really busy in order to stay distracted. This ultimately led to burnout. I wish I would’ve taken more time to process everything, relax, and moved forward with my work at a slower pace. But burnout is always a great teacher, so lesson learned!

What are your goals for 2021?

To continue to make my health, my loved ones, and my clients my priority and really try my best not to make myself busy with anything outside of that. I’ll also be completely social media free as of 2021 as well! A social media free business (and life) is something I’ve been working towards for over a year.

Do you have any new projects or new work we should be expecting in the new year?

The only recent project I have going on launched in October, my podcast called   E-ficionado — it’s for for entrepreneurs who are looking to not only increase their revenue and impact, but who also want to increase their free time so they can practice self-care and enjoy their success. It’s a practical, holistic approach to business. There’s also a worksheet for each episode for all of my Type As! The worksheets are available at

"...utilize the tips and insight you like from others, and leave the rest. Build your own path! You’re the expert on you."

Do you have any advice for our readers this new year?

I encourage all entrepreneurs (and everyone, really) to rely less on external opinions and instead to trust themselves, look inward, and build their business and their life based on what really feels good to them. No business, or individual, is exactly the same, so we will all have a different blueprint based on our values and interests. It can be extremely overwhelming to navigate entrepreneurship with all of the information out there — the contradicting opinions from experts, the thousands of programs, courses, webinars, social media platforms and apps, etc. and it’s helpful to be able to discern what you actually want vs. what you think you should want based on what other people think. There is no one right way to do things. So utilize the tips and insight you like from others, and leave the rest. Build your own path! You’re the expert on you.


Learn more about Delanie:


Instagram:  @Delaniefischer

YouTube:  Delaniefischer

Podcasts:  Self-Helpless, E-Fictionado

Written by Jake Ciccarelli

This article has been republished from Renewed Awareness Magazine.

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