why having multiple jobs can be beneficial for our mental health

An increased number of individuals are working from home post-COVID. With full access to our work, however, our ‘to-do lists’ can often look like grocery store receipts.

Due to how hectic our professional and personal lives can be, the thought of adding more to our plate through a 'side hustle' may seem baffling. 

In actuality, a side hustle has many benefits.

Merriam-Webster defines a side hustle as "work performed for income supplementary to one's primary job." Side hustles have become a part of many people’s lives, with a reported 54% of individuals having a side hustle of their own. 

Side hustles include creating and selling handcrafted products, photography, graphic design, contributing to a blog or website, or running a clothing line. When thinking of pursuing a second job or career, the financial benefits may stand out, but side hustles also have many mental health benefits.

Improving Self-esteem

By incorporating a side hustle into our life, our self esteem is improved through increased feelings of productivity and accomplishment, which can help us develop more confidence overall.

Create Balance 

Adding more responsibilities to our daily routine forces us to work on developing better organizational and time management skills. 

By mastering these abilities, we are creating a foundation of balance and consistency, both essential parts of a routine which help us cope with change, create healthy habits, improve interpersonal relationships, and reduce stress.

Do What You Love

Side hustles can be an outlet for us to explore our passions, while our full-time job may not. Pursuing what we love gives us energy, pride, and confidence. 

Research shows that when we engage in interests we enjoy, we are more likely to have lower stress levels, a lower heart rate, and a better mood. 

Cure Boredom

By staying busy with the responsibilities of our side hustle, we can find ourselves falling less into the trap of boredom. 

Boredom, often a strong link to depression, can leave us harping on our thoughts and emotions with nothing else to fill our attention. Studies show that keeping busy helps with various conditions such as depression, anxiety and recovery from addiction.

Side hustles can positively influence our mental health in numerous ways. By allowing ourselves to diversify the tasks in our life that we consider to be "work," we are creating room for more meaningfulness.

It is never too late to begin exploring a new or forgotten passion, so why not start today!

November 5, 2022

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